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We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and realize sustainable growth for our company.

Basic Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy of being “a team of Meisters (tatsujin) giving fun a shape and making the world a better place,” we provide products that answer specific concerns in health and beauty, and have improved our corporate value by adopting a management strategy that prioritizes customer satisfaction over supremacy in sales.

Public interest in health and beauty continues to increase in Japanese society, which is said to have entered an era of “the 100-year life,” and as the scale and influence of our business expands, we also expect the scope of our responsibility to society to expand in turn.

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society that meets the needs of current and future generations by pursuing both economic and social value through business activities that give greater consideration to “Environment,” “Social,” and “Governance.”

Kitanotatsujin Corporation aims to become a next-generation global company that fulfills even greater roles and responsibilities.

Our initiatives

■Customer satisfaction and safety/security

System for providing high-quality products

Based on our policy of “only selling products good enough to surprise consumers,” we only commercialize products that meet customer needs and help customers feel real results in order to gain repeat purchases.

We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction and follow the proper procedures to ensure that we thoroughly monitor prototypes and only commercialize products that meet the standards established by the Company. In addition, we only commercialize products that pass all 750 of the quality checks independently created by the Company, meaning that less than 2% of product development projects actually result in a sales launch, demonstrating how we place the highest priority on quality and continue to pursue overwhelming levels of customer satisfaction.

We will improve the quality of our business activities across the board and focus on living up to the trust placed in us by our customers so that we can continue to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality products to all customers who experience our products.

System for meeting customer expectations

We strive to make the most of every opportunity to interact with our customers.

We strive to impart accurate information on our products and the appeal of our products by providing detailed explanations of our development process and how the products can be used more effectively in pamphlets included together with products that are shipped out.

In addition, by establishing an in-house contact point for receiving inquiries from customers on health and our products via e-mail or telephone, we have created a system that enables us to provide full follow-ups based on our expertise as developers, and we are striving to ensure that our responses are prompt and sincere. In this way, by responding sincerely to the inquiries and opinions that we receive and conducting proper training courses and satisfaction surveys, we have created a system in which customers can rest assured and use our products with a greater sense of security.

In addition to adding an FAQ to the J North Farm official website to accommodate frequently asked questions, we are constantly working to improve the quality of our responses by internally sharing and utilizing information.


Use of FSC-certified paper

We promote the use of FSC-certified paper for the packaging and shipping boxes of all the products we send to our customers based on our principle of using sustainable resources.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that provides certifications for responsible forest management and appropriate processing and distribution processes for timber harvested from those forests. Through this program, we indirectly support conservation of the world’s forests and the development of local communities without placing a significant burden on the environment or the local communities themselves.

Currently, 83.7% of the shipping boxes used to send products to customers are made of FSC-certified paper (as of October 2020), and we are continuing to gradually transition over to eventually reach a rate of 100%.

Policy on microbeads

In recent years, there has been a flurry of discussion concerning plastics that have been washed out into the ocean and the impact these plastics have on ecosystems as they pass through the food chain, and there are concerns about the burden being placed on the environment.
We do not use microbeads in any of our products, rinse-off or otherwise, and have established a policy to not use them in the future.
We strive to develop products with consideration not only for our customers, but with consideration for the environment as well.

* Microbeads are synthetic, water-insoluble solid plastic particles of less than 5 mm in diameter used for the purpose of exfoliation and cleansing.


Diversity & inclusion

We aim to create an environment that supports active roles for each and every one of our diverse cast of employees, regardless of gender, age, nationality, etc., and enables them to find their work rewarding as it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest extent. We believe that providing a rewarding workplace environment will not only lead to increased productivity and secure our human resources, but will also help us realize the “satisfaction quality” that we promise to our customers and become a source for the development of innovative solutions.

In addition to the high percentage of female employees and female managers at our company, having risen to 65% and 33%, respectively (as of April 2021), the number of foreign employees is also on the rise.

Our workplace environment features the introduction of a free lunch program for all employees that uses a selection of ingredients for a well-balanced diet, and we are working to enhance health and employee welfare. We have also introduced further measures for accommodating telecommuting and remote work to provide an environment that allows flexible work styles for employees who are expecting or currently raising children, and will continue to promote an increasingly comfortable working environment in response to the changes in our social environment resulting from the era of coexistence with the coronavirus.

Policy on animal testing

We have established a policy to not perform animal testing in the development of cosmetics (including quasi-drugs).
* This excludes instances where we are held accountable by society to provide evidence for the safety of a product, or when it is required by relevant government agencies in particular countries.
In order to ensure that we satisfy certain safety criteria in the quality of our cosmetics, we use alternative testing methods and human clinical studies.

We will continue to promote the use of alternatives to animal testing and will strive to provide safe and secure products with customer satisfaction as our highest priority.

Social contribution

We are committed to providing support for children suffering from disasters, conflicts, and other injustices through the child sponsorship activities of “World Vision Japan.”

World Vision Japan’s child sponsorship programme aims to help overcome poverty in local communities so that children in developing countries can grow up healthy and bring hope to their everyday lives.


Corporate Governance

We recognize that the establishment of a corporate governance system with fully functioning internal controls, risk management, compliance, and information disclosure controls is an important issue for the management of the Company.

We also believe that securing the trust of our shareholders, all stakeholders, and society will lead to the improvement of our corporate value, and we will continue to pursue fairness and efficiency while striving for sound and transparent management while fulfilling our obligations for accountability.

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