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A team of Meisters giving fun a shape! Meister in the North

Corporate Philosophy

As a human growth business dedicated to creativity and ingenuity, we look to enhance co-existence and co-prosperity for all our stakeholders: customers, shareholders, partners and employees, with a basic policy of following all laws and running our business in a fair, transparent and stable way.
We enjoy making new efforts that other companies cannot, in meaningful forms, to offer products and services that make the world more pleasant. We hope to continue this path as “Meisters.”

Business Overview

Planning, development, production and sales of Health foods/Cosmetics/General goods, and e-commerce site administration.

We run an e-Commerce site where we primarily sell our own original health and beauty products over the internet to ordinary customers.

When manufacturing our products, we always contact OEM enterprises with the most advanced skill levels to make sure that our products maintain the very highest quality. Just as every product has its own special features and functions, each of our OEM makers has their own specialties. We assign manufacturers for each product only after determining each one's special abilities so we can guarantee each product's quality and customer satisfaction.

To deal with the rapidly changing industry, we continue to use our cutting edge inhouse know-how and experience as we make every effort to avoid outsourcing vital functions such as: order receiving, website development, planning of sales promotion tools etc., system development, advertising operations, and customer contact points like customer and client support.

By offering such high-quality products with a high level of service, and also allowing a subscription-style business model to allow continuous purchasing, we have constructed a stable-growth structured-profit business.

Flow Flow

(1)Features of our E-Commerce business

Our E-Commerce business adopts a sales formula specializing in small-lot items.
That focus allows us to offer a more enriched follow-up service as expected of a "specialty shop," and we can better implement a continuous purchasing structure. This also allows logistics simplification, resulting in direct and indirect cost cutting.
As a comprehensive health and beauty product sales site, J North Farm supplies customers with 28 health and beauty products (as of 4.30.2019), including Kaiteki Oligo to offer help with improving health and beauty concerns. We offer a subscription-style buying system for customers who wish to continue purchasing the same goods.

(2)About our products

Our product area focuses on the development and selection of goods that help customers worrying about health and beauty issues feel real results to lead to easy repeat customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction and feeling of effectiveness, and follow an exacting procedure of thorough usage testing to ensure only those products with the highest satisfaction and feeling are commodified. J North Farm currently handles 28 health and beauty products (as of 4.30.2019) based on these standards, including Kaiteki Oligo.

(3)About product manufacturing

Production is handled by outsourcing and OEM manufacturers using raw materials we purchase in-house.

(4)Receiving orders

Customer orders are primarily received through our on-line shopping site.

J North Farm's Official Website(PC)

J North Farm's Official Website(Smartphone)

When orders are received through our online sales site, our internal customer service department contacts customers by email to confirm the order to prevent mistaken shipments. We also inform customers of the expected arrival date, etc. after shipping.

J North Farm

J North Farm is a health foods and cosmetics brand focusing on personal experience.
Our development rule is simple: “We only sell once we've created something that's shockingly good.”

J North Farm's standard is “Feel it yourself.”

Health foods and cosmetics are full of ingredients that have “theoretically sound results.”
However, in the end we feel that data is data, and prefer to spend enormous amounts of time on experience monitoring tests, asking “Can you truly feel it yourself?” What's more, we do it again with similar ingredients, to verify if we can say which really is best, rerunning the monitoring tests over and over. And from those results, we only commercialize what becomes “shockingly good.”

President and Managing Director Katsuhisa Kinoshita President and Managing Director Katsuhisa Kinoshita

Message from the CEO

Our company is headquartered in Hokkaido, but I, the founder, was born and raised in Kansai.

After an exhaustive search for the place in Japan with the best opportunities for founding a business, I judged Hokkaido the best bet and, despite having no connection with it all, I moved there.

The point that convinced me it was best was the fact that Hokkaido has the richest natural resources in Japan, yet they aren't fully utilized.

In Hokkaido, you have crab, sea urchin, salmon roe, melons, corn, ramen, Genghis Khan Mutton, potatoes, scallops, cod roe, asparagus, cheese, milk, ham, chocolate cream, soba, lavender, sun flowers and more specialty products that the whole of the other 46 prefectures can't match, meaning it's overflowing with ingredients.

The nature and scenery are beautiful as well, and it's so popular overseas it's known as “Asia's Switzerland.”
The rents are also cheap, and the people are quite diligent.

But sadly, since the natural resources aren't fully utilized, Hokkaido's economy remains sluggish.

So, I came in, not blindly depending on Hokkaido's good image, but bringing in marketing concepts like:
“What do the customers desire?”
“Are customers really satisfied?”
and putting them into numbers. Then I started utilizing Hokkaido's natural resources, and built a business model based on investigating complete customer satisfaction.

And so, with the support of customers in Japan and throughout Asia, we grew to the point we could be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

From the perspective of the Japanese archipelago Hokkaido is the northernmost island, but for the Asian continent it's a central point. To be a business representing Japan right in the middle of Asia, going forward we want to carry the message that we are “a group of Meisters giving fun a shape” to everyone in Japan, Asia and the world.

President and Managing Director Katsuhisa Kinoshita
Profile of Representative Director & President

Katsuhisa Kinoshita

Kinoshita was born in Kobe in 1968. He first gained business experience during university, and worked at Recruit Co., Ltd. after graduation. After failing at going independent, he earned a living at part-time jobs. While he was broke and aimless, he swore "I will start a business focused on customer satisfaction," and "I'll start a truly Japanese company." After running an exhaustive investigation to ensure the success of the business, he judged Hokkaido to be the location with the most potential and moved to the island. He founded his business with no connections or roots, and raised it all the way to listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in its first generation. Yet despite all of these achievements, employees have enormous faith him , saying "One of this company's strengths is the president's approachability!"

・EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Japan Japanese Representative Candidate Finalist
・Japan Venture Awards 2017 (*1) Special E-Commerce Promotion Award Recipient
・Medal (of Honor) with Dark Blue Ribbon (*2) Recipient

(*1)An institution recognizing ambitious start-up owners whose business show innovation and high growth potential, as well as contribute to the stimulation of the region.

(*2) The Medal (of Honor) with Dark Blue Ribbon is an award given by the Japanese government to individuals, companies or organizations for exceptional financial contributions for the good of the public.

Company Overview

Trade Name
Kita no Tatsujin Corporation KK
May, 2002 (Founded May, 2000)
Head Office

Sapporo Sosei Square 25F, Kita 1 Jo Nishi 1 Chome 6 Banchi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Representative Director & President Katsuhisa Kinoshita
Capital Stock
Additional Paid-in Capital
273,990,000 JPY (As of 4.30.2019)
253,990,000 JPY (As of 4.30.2019)
Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
Sapporo Securities Exchange
Stock Ticker Symbol
Number of Issued Shares
141,072,000 Shares (As of 4.30.2019)




Began Operations at Korea Branch Office



Began Operations at Taiwan Branch Office


Assigned to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (24th)
Approval for Assignment to the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (17th)



Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section


Approval for Listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section



Updated to Main Market on Sapporo Securities Exchange



Listed on Sapporo Securities Exchange “Ambitious" Market



Changed Brand Name from “Kaiteki Friend Club” to “J North Farm.”


Transferred administration of 「,Ltd.」 and “Hokkaido Wakeari Ichiba.”



Changed Trade Name to Kita no Tatsujin Corporation KK.



Began operation of specialized outlet (non-standard product) food sales website “Hokkaido Wakeari Ichiba.”


Began operation of health and beauty sales consolidation site “Kaiteki Friend Club” (now “J North Farm”).



To strengthen product development, moved main store to 2 Chome Kita 1 Jo nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido.


Founded Hokkaido dot See Oh dot Jay Pee KK in Yodogawa, Osaka with capital stock of 10,000,000 yen.



Opened website 「,Ltd.」 and began sales of specially produced Hokkaido foods.


060-0001 Sapporo Sosei Square 25F, Kita 1 Jo Nishi 1 Chome 6 Banchi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido