Business Overview

The Original Brand
J North Farm

 J North Farm

J North Farm is a health food and cosmetics brand
that promotes “satisfaction quality.”
Our development rule is simple:
“We only sell once we’ve created
something that’s astonishingly good.”

“Satisfying the customer”
is the commitment of J North Farm.

Health foods and cosmetics are overflowing with ingredients that are “theoretically effective.” However, we spend a lot of time using data as data to monitor whether people actually feel a positive change when they use those ingredients. We then compare the data with similar ingredients to determine whether they are really the best, and return to conduct monitoring surveys over and over again. Only when the results are “astonishingly good ” do we commercialize the product.

We are confident in our ability
to not be influenced by passing trends.

Our product development is completely separate from passing trends.

In the health food and cosmetic industry, products are being launched one after another with new ingredients, with descriptions such as “new ingredients discovered by scholars!” or “uses technology developed by NASA!”
This is because new ingredients are easy to talk about and sell.
And while they quickly become a fad, before consumers “master” the product,
they move on to other new ingredients that appear one after another.

Under these circumstances, even the “good ingredients” do not have time to fully penetrate the consumer market, and they end up disappearing after being eclipsed by other products with “new ingredients.”
Many of the ingredients that have disappeared are very good. However, because it takes time to feel their effects, many have become obsolete due to the next trendy ingredient.
In other words, some really good, highly-effective ingredients have been buried in the dark.
And new ingredients that may or may not be good are still being sold today.

We seek out and use not “new ingredients,” but “really good ingredients.”
Sometimes these are not the most advanced, but are old-fashioned ingredients.

The raw material manufacturers we work with on a regular basis tell us, “this ingredient is very popular right now. If you make a product with it, it will sell!”
However, we tell them that, “we do not care if it is new or not, or if it is trendy or not. We only make products that will satisfy our customers when they use them.”

That is not to say that we reject all new ingredients. We do introduce new technologies and ingredients to improve quality, but we do not use them for the sake of being trendy. “If it makes our customers happy, we will take it in, if not, we will not.”

We do not just make trendy products that look good on the surface.
We make practical products that people will use over and over again because they are satisfied with the quality.

“Substantive products,”
that is our promise.

Hokkaido, where J North Farm is located, has a very good brand image.
However, if we want to make a satisfying product, we have to carefully select the raw materials first.
We search for and use the right ingredients from all over the world for each product.

Because Hokkaido is home to many excellent ingredients, such ingredients are often used.
However, we do not use such ingredients just because we can say they are from Hokkaido by leveraging the brand image of Hokkaido.
As mentioned above, we will always make comparisons with “similar ingredients” and only use an ingredient if it is found to be superior.

Being too focused on local products and ignoring product quality would be getting our priorities backwards.
Selling products that are merely dependent on the image of Hokkaido will only lead to the disgracing of the local products.
That is why we are developing products that have “substance” rather than relying only on the image of Hokkaido.


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