Business Overview

Business Description

Planning, development, production, and sales of health foods, cosmetics and general goods,
and E-Commerce website administration.

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Production
  • Sales
  • E-Commerce

We run an E-Commerce website, where we primarily sell our original health and beauty products over the internet to general consumers.

As a comprehensive health and beauty product sales website, J North Farm supplies customers with 32 health and beauty products (As of 4.30.2021), including KAITEKI OLIGO and HYALO DEEP PATCH.

As this is a rapidly changing industry, we try not to outsource the ordering process, website production, the planning and production of sales promotion tools, system development, advertising operations, and customer support as much as possible, but instead operate them in-house, always constructing and maintaining the cutting-edge know-how and knowledge within our company.

In addition to providing high quality products with advanced services, we have adopted a subscription-based business model, which enables us to achieve a stable and growing revenue structure by ensuring that our customers continue to purchase our products.

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Features of our business

(1) Our products

We focus on the development and selection of goods that help customers worrying about health and beauty issues feel real results to gain repeat purchases. We prioritize customer satisfaction and only commercialize products that receive a positive response by thoroughly monitoring prototypes.

(2) Product manufacturing

We manufacture our products either by purchasing the raw materials and outsourcing the manufacturing, or by outsourcing the manufacturing to an OEM company. For each product, we partner with an OEM company that has the most advanced technology in the field to produce the highest quality products at all times. Accordingly, the quality of the products themselves is guaranteed by identifying such companies and then assigning each product on a company-by-company basis.

(3) Our marketing

We strive to make highly cost-effective and appropriate advertising investments through our in-house advertising system, which is based on structured ad management know-how, our marketing data analysis system developed in-house, and the internal management of ad placements using our unique indicators. In addition, in order to maximize the interests of the companies, consumers, and media involved in advertising, we are working to prevent excessive competition by reducing unnecessary advertising investment, and are also striving to expand and improve the soundness of the industry as a whole by ensuring legal compliance in advertising production.

(4) Our system

Our unique system links order and shipment processing, marketing data analysis, inventory management and forecasting to improve operational efficiency and enable us to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. We have also developed our own market research database and product development management system to ensure effective and efficient product development.

(5) Customer support

We respond to customer inquiries that were made through email or phone regarding health or our products on an in-house basis. Since we develop products in-house that specialize in specific health and beauty concerns, such as constipation and sagging under the eyes, our expertise as a developer enables us to provide satisfactory follow-up services for each concern.

Receiving orders

Customer orders are primarily received through our online shopping website.

J North Farm Official Website (PC)

J North Farm Official Website (Smartphone)

When orders are received through our online sales website, our internal customer service department contacts customers by email to confirm the order to prevent shipping errors. We also inform customers of the expected arrival date, and the like after the product has been shipped.

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