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Katsuhisa Kinoshita Katsuhisa Kinoshita

Katsuhisa Kinoshita

Our company is headquartered in Hokkaido, but I, the founder, was born and raised in Kansai.

After an exhaustive search for the place in Japan with the best opportunities for founding a business, I determined that Hokkaido the best bet and, despite having no connection with it all, I moved there.

What convinced me it was best was the fact that Hokkaido has the richest natural resources in Japan, yet they aren’t fully utilized.

In Hokkaido, we have crabs, sea urchins, salmon roe, melon, corn, ramen, Jingisukan Muttons, potato, scallops, cod roe, asparagus, cheese, milk, ham, chocolate cream, soba, lavender, sunflowers and more specialty products that the other 46 prefectures put together cannot match, meaning it’s overflowing with ingredients.

The nature and scenery are beautiful as well, and it’s so popular overseas that it’s known as the Switzerland of Asia.
The rent is also cheap, and the people are quite diligent.

But sadly, since the natural resources aren’t fully utilized, Hokkaido’s economy remains sluggish.

So, I came in, not blindly depending on Hokkaido’s good image, but bringing in marketing concepts like:
“What do the customers desire?”
“Are customers really satisfied?”
and putting them into numbers. Then, I started utilizing Hokkaido’s natural resources and built a business model based on investigating complete customer satisfaction.

And so, with the support of customers in Japan and throughout Asia, we have grown to the point of being listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

From the perspective of the Japanese archipelago, Hokkaido is the northernmost island, but for the Asian continent it’s in the mid-latitude position. To be a business representing Japan right in the middle of Asia, going forward, we want to carry the message that we are “a group of Meisters giving fun a shape” to everyone in Japan, Asia and the world.

President and Managing Director Katsuhisa Kinoshita
Profile of Representative Director & President

Katsuhisa Kinoshita

Kinoshita was born in Kobe in 1968. He first gained business experience during university and worked at Recruit Co., Ltd. after graduation. After a failed attempt to start his own business, he earned a living at part-time jobs. While he was broke and aimless, he swore, “I will start a business focused on customer satisfaction” and “I’ll start a truly Japanese company.” After running an exhaustive investigation to ensure the success of the business, he determined Hokkaido to be the location with the most potential and moved to the island. He founded his business with no connections or roots, and expanded it all the way to listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, all during the first president’s generation. Yet, despite all of these achievements, employees have enormous faith in him, saying “One of this company’s strengths is the president’s approachability!”

■Awards Received
・Seven-time Recipient of the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon (*1) from the Japanese government
・Placed No. 1 in the Ranking of Corporate Managers Highly Regarded by the Market (TOYO KEIZAI ONLINE 2019)
・“Special E-Commerce Promotion Award” Recipient at Japan Venture Awards 2017 (*2)
・Japanese Representative Candidate Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Japan

(*1) A medal awarded by the Japanese government to individuals, corporations or organizations for their donation of private properties and outstanding achievements in the public interest
(*2) A system of commendation for ambitious start-up owners whose businesses show innovation and high growth potential, and contribute to the revitalization of the region

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